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Menu board, clipboard – which one to choose?

Which clipboard, menu board to choose?  

The menu board/clipboard is a great alternative to the classic menu card. Not only do they look great and give the menu a unique character, but also are extremely practical. Increasingly, clipboards appear in various types of restaurants, bars and eateries because of the many advantages they have to offer. Find out what to consider when buying a wooden placemat under the menu to choose a high-quality product that will serve you for many years.

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Why is it worth buying a clipboard under the menu?

The menu board is an excellent solution in gastronomic establishments. This is not only a well-presented menu stand, but a practical and convenient to use. Traditional menu cards in the form of a book guarantee a lot of space for a list of dishes, drinks or various snacks. Their disadvantage is that they take up a lot of space on the table top and are quite expensive. Customers often find it difficult to scroll through menu pages to find a satisfactory offer. They sometimes get lost in a very extensive menu. Menu books are also quite massive and heavy to carry, and the cost of their production does not allow for a large number of copies, which means that during the hours of operation there may be no menu for each customer.

Menu board, clipboard – practicality and unusual design in one

Another option are clipboards under the menu. They allow you to easily modify the menu by inserting or removing cards from the pad. All you have to do is pin or unfasten the pages from under the clip or string. This is especially true in gastronomic establishments, where we often change the menu. Clipboard under the menu is cheap, so we can afford to buy many pieces of restaurant. Its design depends on the type of material – the best look are clipboards made of plywood or boards. The menu board gives the place a unique character and is an interesting addition to the restaurant. Customers can quickly and conveniently browse through menu suggestions. Clipboard is also easy to carry and does not take up much space on the table.

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What material should I buy clipboard for from the menu?

The most important issue for those who want to buy a clipboard under the menu is the material of manufacture. Manufacturers offer clipboards made of plywood and in the form of boards. It look great in the interior of the restaurant and fit into any decor. They are durable and solid, which is why it is the best choice when it comes to the material from which the clipboard is made for the menu. Plastic clipboards are a cheaper alternative. However, they do not look half as good as those made of plywood or boards. They also do not have good durability, are susceptible to scratches and damage. For this reason, it is better to bet on the more expensive option, so that the clipboard under the menu will serve for many years and delight with its aesthetic design.

Plywood pad – what to look for?

Plywood clipboards undoubtedly look best in gastronomic establishments. We make them from several layers of thin wood, which we connect with glue. It is important that the adhesive is water resistant and connects the plywood layers well. Depending on what wood the plywood will be made of, the menu pad will have different strength and hardness. We should pay attention to whether the clip or string is well attached to the surface of the plywood. To increase the water resistance of the plywood, a transparent varnish is used on the clipboard surface. Wood itself does not have water-resistant properties, and varnish will help maintain the wood structure in good condition.

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Plastic clipboard under the menu – is it worth it?

There are also plastic clipboards on the market. They are cheap and quite easily available. However, not durable, they are susceptible to scratches, so you have to be aware of the fact that you should buy new copies if they gain an unsightly appearance due to damage. Used plastic has been deposited for hundreds of years, so it is not environmentally friendly. It does not look as good as clipboards made of plywood or boards, which is why they are not the best addition to a restaurant. For this reason, plastic clipboards under the menu are not very popular among the owners of cafes, restaurants or diners. The ones that we make from plywood or boards are more in demand. Because of their aesthetic value and strength, despite the fact that they are slightly more expensive.

What dimensions and shape of the menu pad?

The most popular size of clipboards are those adapted for A4 cards, because the most common in these dimensions are the menu neck in restaurants. However, you can choose a different board size for the menu. Therefore, the dimensions of the placemat should be selected to suit the format of the menu card. However, when it comes to shape, rectangular washers look good. In addition, they are convenient for customers, because they allow you to conveniently check the menu card. However, if the owner of the premises wants a unique character, it is worth reaching for clipboards in other eye-catching shapes. For example, in the shape of strawberries, coffee cups or with protruding fragments of flowers.

Fastening sheets on a pad

If we want to buy a menu pad that will fasten the menu cards so that they do not fall out. Note the attachment at the top of the clipboard. Most often it is a metal clip that holds the pages. It is important that riveting this element with the rest of the washer is strong. Manufacturers also use a detachable wooden panel in the upper part of the board. It looks aesthetically pleasing and does not damage the classic appearance of the wood. An interesting solution is also a thong or string, thanks to which you can add and remove cards. It gives the clipboard a charming and unique look, but pay attention to the strength of the thong or string.

It is good that the fastening used in the menu pad allows you to attach as many sheets as possible. Thanks to this menu is the most extensive and convenient to use. The optimum number is up to 15 pages. With a larger amount, the menu pad may look unsightly, and it may be difficult to flip through pages.

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Where is the best place to buy a menu board?

It’s best to buy a clipboard under the menu in specialized stores with accessories for dining outlets. Most often, the manufacturer accepts orders from 10 pieces of menu pads, because selling individual pieces is unprofitable. It’s worth buying clipboards with the option of burning the logo on the surface of the pad to personalize your menu card. It is worth taking a look at product reviews and reviews, so as not to buy completely in the dark. This will help you in choosing the right clipboard for your restaurant under the menu.

What are the most popular menu clipboards?

Definitely the easiest wooden planks for menu cards made of plywood or planks are available. They are the most popular and in demand among gastronomic establishments. It is rarely the case that the manufacturers offer special plastic menu pads. They are usually ordinary pads that companies use commonly to store notes or documents.