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Sushi bridge – which one to choose? What to look for?

Sushi bridge – what should you choose? What to look for when buying?

Sushi is increasingly appearing on the gastronomic offer. Poles have been delighted with the taste of Japanese dish and are eager to eat this delicacy. To properly serve sushi, use the specially adapted sushi serving bridge. Sushi bridge will allow you to arrange your dish conveniently. Thanks to the large amount of space on the surface, it also looks great as an addition to the interior design of the premises. Manufacturers offer a variety of sushi boats in terms of form, material and size. When buying, pay attention to several important factors that determine the quality of the sushi bridge.

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What material should a sushi boat be made of?

The material used to make the sushi boat is one of the most important issues when choosing a sushi stand. Currently, manufacturers offer serving stands made of wood. This material makes the tray look great on the table and is a great addition to the interior of the premises. By their unusual appearance they attract the attention of customers and make the served food look even better than on a regular plate. In addition, they are extremely practical and comfortable to use, and on their surface there will be a lot of space for additions.

Wooden sushi boat – what is worth knowing?

The most popular and easiest available is a wooden sushi boat. It is very durable and solid, which will serve as a basis for Japanese dishes for many years. It is very practical and convenient to use – putting different types of sushi on it is not a problem. Nigiri, maki, futomaki, temaki, uramaki or additions to them, such as wasabi, soy sauce or pickled ginger in bowls, will look great on the table. The customer in the restaurant can conveniently reach for sushi, and at the same time delight in the beauty of the wooden bridge, which refers to the Japanese style. Depending on the type of wood the sushi boat is made of, it will have different strength and aesthetic qualities. The appearance also depends on the shape or form of the bridge. It is worth paying attention to whether the wooden sushi bridge is additionally coated with varnish. It protects the wood structure and strengthens its water resistance, thanks to which the bridge will be much more durable.

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What shape should I choose for a sushi bridge?

The shape of the sushi bridge is important when choosing a sushi bridge, which determines its aesthetic value and practicality. Sushi boats in the shape of pallets with small spacing between the boards on which the sushi is served look very good. You can also choose tray-shaped variants on low legs. Although they do not give the effect of bridges in the shape of pallets, they are very practical and convenient to serve. However, these are not the only options to choose from. One of the most interesting shapes of sushi stands are those in the shape of a bridge – this is an expensive option, but it will certainly add character to the premises. Undoubtedly, it is best to bet on simple, convenient for customers bridge in the shape of pallets or a simple tray. They are the best to blend in with the classic Japanese interiors of gastronomic establishments.

What should I choose the size of the sushi bridge?

As for the size of the sushi bridge, kitchen equipment manufacturers offer a variety of models. Sushi boats 15×30, 45×20, 30×50 cm are the most popular. They provide   enough space for a Japanese dish and additions such as wasabi, soy sauce and the like. It is important to adjust the size to the offer of your premises or individual needs in the event that we buy a bridge to serve sushi at home.

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Where is the best place to buy a sushi bridge?

Sushi bridge is a rather unusual product. There are not a large number of producers in Poland who have it on offer. It can be imported from abroad, but you have to reckon with very high prices as well as additional costs such as customs. It is worth buying a sushi boat in specialized Polish stores that deal with the production of kitchen and catering equipment. It is worth paying attention to whether the store where sushi bridges are offered gives the customer the opportunity to burning the logo on a wooden base. It’s the perfect solution for restaurant owners who want to personalize their order.