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Industrial restaurant equipment – and cafes

Industrial restaurant equipment

The interior design of the restaurant or cafe should be original and encourage customers to spend time in the premises. It is industrial restaurant equipment that allows you to get an effective, elegant style. This style is associated with unrestricted freedom and great freedom in the development of space. However, it has characteristic features that set it apart from other types of interior design. Our company Wooden Stuff deals with the production of industrial equipment in gastronomic establishments, such as bar shelving, metal shelves, hanging shelving and many others.

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What is the characteristic of industrial style in a restaurant?

Before proceeding to the description of the equipment of premises in Wooden Stuff, it is worth looking in more detail at the issues that distinguish the industrial style. It was born in the 1950s in America. Once it was almost a necessity – nowadays it is synonymous with luxury. It is associated with American lofts, i.e. factories that were inhabited by employees. The large open space is perfectly adopted as an architectural style in homes, and is increasingly used in gastronomic establishments. Industrial style is now identified with prestige, effortless artistry and good taste.

Special features of the industrial style are large spaces, austerity and sophisticated elegance. The interior is characterized by large windows without decorations, high ceilings, large number of lamps and a small amount of decorations. If there are decorations in the interior, then they are only a small, original accent in the room, which does not stand out against its background. In industrial interiors there is also consistent minimalism in colors – most often they are shades of white, gray and black. In combination with natural wall materials, such as concrete or brick, they look extremely elegant.

Which furniture should you choose for restaurants and cafes to get an industrial style?

First of all, you should first pay attention to what material the furniture is made of. Simple raw materials such as glass, metal, wood and concrete will work best. It is also important that the furniture has simple, creative forms. We can afford a bit of originality and choose individual furniture from a flea market or from recycling.

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Industrial restaurant equipment at Wooden Stuff – what do we offer?

We specialize in the production of interior furnishings for restaurants, cafes and other industrial style premises. We value the simplicity and freedom that can be seen in our furniture. They are characterized by solid workmanship, high-quality materials and interesting design. We always try to meet the highest requirements of our clients. We are happy to take on new challenges, and also take into account ideas directed from our clients. Our company provide full design support and knowledge to choose furniture that will look great in your premises.

What can we offer?

  • Shelving and bar shelves;
  • Bar build;
  • Decorative shelves;
  • Metal shelves;
  • Simple tables on metal base ;
  • Shelves above the bar;
  • Racks and hanging shelves;
  • Wooden chairs;
  • Coffee tables.
  • Sushi bar;

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Why our furniture?

Whether it’s a bar rack, a hanging shelf, bar fittings or a decorative rack, our furniture is of high quality and made at a professional level. Simple, industrial restaurant equipment perfectly matches the decor of the restaurant. We are able to make a bar rack or shelf in various sizes. It all depends on the individual needs of the client. In the event of a problem with determining the size of the furniture, we offer professional knowledge and assistance in choosing the dimensions of shelves and bar shelves.

Wooden Stuff has an individual approach to the customer. Each ordered project is made according to the customer’s arrangements. With an emphasis on the quality of performance and speed of implementation of the furniture design. Many customers have trusted us because we fulfill our orders with experience. Qualified group of specialists is responsible for the production of our furniture.

Orders are accepted worldwide. Just contact us by phone or email. We will evaluate your project and help you choose the best design solution for your gastronomic establishment.

Shelves made of the highest quality materials

What are bar racks, decorative shelves and other furniture in our offer made of? We manufacture shelves and shelves, among others made of beech wood. It is a very durable material, resistant to damage and having adequate hardness. In addition, beech wood fits perfectly into industrial interiors. The more expensive option is an oak shelf or bookcase, however, due to the interesting and aesthetic structure of wood, the purchase is worth the price. Furniture of this noble wood will add amazing taste and character to the room. It is also possible to order glass shelves that perfectly match futuristic interiors. Our customers are guaranteed that the materials used for the production of shelves and bar shelves come from carefully selected trees, and at the production stage we care about the correct processing of wood, so that our furniture has high quality and original appearance.

All steel elements are painted with the powder coating method!

Our range of equipment in cafes and restaurants is based on the concept of wood, glass and metal. Simple, solid elements in the interior, combined with charming additions with the soul will make the decor of the place unique and acquire the desired freshness.

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How to decorate a place in an industrial style?

To properly choose the industrial equipment in your premises, we must remember that it was adapted to at least four functional areas. Thus, the usability of the client, the usefulness of the staff, free space in the restaurant and the concept of the gastronomic offer.

Let’s start with the permanent equipment, which are tables . Smaller restaurants or cafes will be much more functional if there are tables for 2 or 4 seats. Smaller tables with one leg, which take up a small space, and at the same time are simple and very aesthetic will be ideal. In large premises, tables made of natural wood impregnated in larger sizes will work. The bar construction should be based on wooden elements, for example beech or oak. Simple bar shelves and bar shelves made of natural wood are a common choice for industrial-style premises. Shelves made of glass also fit well.

An important element of the industrial interior of the restaurant is the use of a large amount of lighting. Dark corners in the premises will definitely not work in this interior design.  An interesting addition are bulbs hung on the ceiling on long cables.

In industrial style arrangement, we value a large space. That is why you should focus on an interior with a small number of decorations. Large windows without curtains are also well-seen, which allow reaching the premises as much natural light as possible.

industrial restaurant equipment

Don’t wait and place your order

If you value industrial interiors and want to wisely develop your restaurant, café or bar, contact Wooden Stuff. We will help you choose the best project tailored to your needs. We are always ready for new and interesting design challenges. A combination of care and passion to create equipment, makes our furniture not only high quality, but also out of the ordinary and creative.

We ship worldwide. Contact us:

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