Comfortable industrial chair and cheap for restaurants.

How to choose a comfortable chair for a restaurant, cafe, home or dining room?

Regardless of whether a comfortable chair is intended for a restaurant or home, it is important that it provides comfort and looks good in the interior. What criteria should be used to buy a comfortable chair? There are many types of chairs: metal, wooden, upholstered, metal, rattan, rattan, or office. Each of them has different properties and gives different seating comfort. Find out what type of chair gives you the most comfort and how to choose the size and shape of the seats.

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Chair types – what should you know?

There are many types of chairs on the market, different in appearance and material. Each type of chair is different and unique and suits a specific type of interior.

Wooden chairs

This is the most universal type of chair. Wooden chairs best match table tops made of wood. They fit into classic and Scandinavian interiors. Wood never goes out of fashion, so you should not be afraid that the wooden chair will have to be replaced over time. It is a universal and timeless product. There are a few important factors to consider when buying a wooden chair. First of all, it is a type of wood from which we make a piece of furniture. Beech and oak wood are the most durable, so you should reach for chairs made of these materials. It is important that the comfortable chair has an ergonomic shape that suits your figure. The wooden chair is not the most comfortable chair, however, and sitting for longer can cause discomfort.

Plastic chairs

Plastic chairs are very functional and have an aesthetic appearance. It is worth paying attention to the quality of the material used to manufacture the chair. A good choice will be a variant made of polypropylene, which is hard and resistant to mechanical factors and weather conditions. As for the type of plastic chair, it is worth buying Scandinavian chairs for the interior, otherwise known as cross chairs. ” They are very practical, comfortable for the user and take up little space.

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Upholstered chair

One of the most comfortable seats is an upholstered chair. It is important that it provides maximum comfort and looks good in the room. Trimming can be made of natural leather or eco-leather. Leather upholstered chairs are distinguished by simplicity, functionality and elegant appearance. The skin can stick to the skin, so it’s not a good solution for summer days. These are useful and practical constructions, but not everyone prefers such solutions.

Upholstered chairs covered with high quality fabric are also available on the market. When buying a comfortable chair, it is worth checking whether the material used is stain resistant and allows you to quickly get rid of dirt. Stain-resistant fabrics are made of fibers that not only provide protection against moisture, but also against mites and fungi. They combine the appearance of traditional fabrics and the functionality of leather.

In addition to the applied load, it is worth paying attention to the filling of the seat. Comfort is provided by furniture foam – it is important that it is soft, flexible and adapted to the shape of the body.

Considering the material from which the upholstered chairs are made, the following are available on the market:

● Wooden upholstered chairs – the simplicity of such chairs makes them fit well into classic interiors, and when combined with contemporary designer furniture, they will also decorate modern interiors. They are usually made of beech, pine or oak. A more expensive variant, the mahogany chair gives the room an extraordinary elegance and dignity.

● Metal upholstered chairs – suitable for rough rooms in a Scandinavian or industrial style. Their construction can be made of stainless steel, chrome or light aluminum. Powder coated steel bases are characterized by high corrosion resistance and mechanical damage. The combination of a raw metal structure with soft and comfortable leather upholstered seats makes upholstered metal chairs not only comfortable, but also have a unique look.

Rattan chairs

Rattan chairs are the perfect choice for gastronomic establishments, where customers eat meals on the terrace in spring and summer. They are also suitable for the home as a practical comfortable garden chair. They are made of rattan. Rattan is a natural material, considered the best for the production of woven furniture. Is a raw material obtained from the palm vine – Ratang, also known as the Indian reed. Rattan furniture is elegant furniture that works best in covered terraces. They are very functional, light and fit nicely into the classic and modern style. They can also be used outdoors, but they should be better hidden under a roof each time because they are not resistant to sunlight and water. They require regular maintenance and care, and in winter storage in a dry and not too hot room. The material itself is of average convenience for the user, so it’s worth buying a rattan chair with a comfortable seat made of good quality material.

Rattan chairs

Rattan chairs are more durable than classic rattan chairs. They are made of plastic fibers, woven by hand on a metal frame. Such chairs not only look very well on the terrace, but also are resistant to weather conditions and do not require major maintenance, as in the case of rattan chairs. Remember to put the furniture inside or cover it with a special material for the winter.

Technorattan garden furniture is made of plastic fibers, woven by hand on a metal frame. This type of furniture not only presents itself properly, but is also resistant to weather conditions and does not require complicated maintenance. For winter, furniture should be hidden or covered with a special cover. The seat should be made of comfortable material. It is important that it is resistant to water and sun, and that it is easy to remove stains from it.

There are chairs with high and low backs. It is worth considering what properties they have. It is also important to pay attention to the armrests. Chairs with high back create a more formal and traditional aura in the room. They provide good support for the user and high comfort. They take up more space in the interior, therefore they are suitable for larger rooms. In contrast, chairs with low back provide a casual atmosphere and visually take up less space. When it comes to the backrest, it is important that it embraces our backs well and ensures that we maintain an ergonomic posture during the meal. Armrests mounted on the chair are an element that provides more comfort. The user can comfortably lean his elbows and feel more comfortable in the room. However, they take up more space in the interior than chairs without armrests, so it’s worth considering whether there is space for a chair with armrests in our premises or home.

What chairs for the Scandinavian style?

In recent years, Scandinavian decor has become very fashionable both in the interiors of cafes, bars, restaurants and home interiors. It is worth introducing it to the interior of a gastronomic establishment or to your home. Scandinavian furniture is usually made of simple, natural materials such as wood, glass or steel. They lack additional elements – in this style simplicity and minimalism count. We make Scandinavian chairs from wood or durable plastic. These are usually chairs type “cross” with a comfortable and aesthetic design. Other variants are also suitable for Scandinavian interiors. A metal upholstered chair covered with leather will be perfect. Thanks to its elegance and simplicity, it is well suited to cool Scandinavian rooms. However, it is worth remembering to arrange such interiors to add nice accessories that will diversify the decor and give it character.

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