Burger/steak serving board, beech, 35x25x2 cm

66,42  z VAT

Universal beech board for serving burgers or steaks. It has a sauce / meat juice groove around. Undercutting from the bottom of the board allows you to easily lift it from the table.

Thanks to many years of experience and customer feedback, we have been able to make a board whose dimensions and weight are ideal for gastronomy.

Board specification:
– beech wood
– dimensions 35x25x2 cm
– impregnation with natural linseed oil
– meat juice groove
– comfortable undercut on the fingers

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Weight 1 kg


A good burger serving board is a must in the kitchen. Thanks to it, you can prepare a vegetable and meat dish, as well as aromatic soups. We have been specializing in the production of professional kitchen accessories for years. That is why our steak boards are specially created for those who value professional equipment in the kitchen.

Burger serving board, steak board – why to choose ours?

The steak board has a universal size of 35 x 25 cm. Thanks to which there is a lot of cutting space on the surface of the board. At the same time it does not take up additional space on the top of the cabinet or table. It is not only suitable for basic operations such as cutting vegetables, fruits, bread or chopping herbs. You can also serve burgers, steaks or sandwiches. Our boarde are made under the supervision of specialists. Thanks to which it has modern solutions, and at the same time is durable and comfortable to use. The classic boards we offer have a groove for meat sauce, which greatly facilitates meat products. At the bottom of the board is an undercut allowing it to be lifted off the table – this is convenient for the waiter. The chopping board is made of oak or beech wood. These noble species of trees are an ideal material because they show high strength and are additionally hard enough. 

burger serving board

Advantages of wooden boards

Thanks to this, the use of even the sharpest knife will not damage their coating so much. The kitchen board is additionally impregnated with linseed oil for even greater durability. This solution protects the wood because it creates a protective barrier on the surface of the board and increases its water resistance. Thanks to this, there is no fear that after cutting meat. Various types of bacteria harmful to our health will get into the wood structure. We make the boards solidly and have a beautiful, classic color. Looks great in the kitchen or restaurant. The simple, universal shape makes it fit almost anywhere and fill the empty space on the countertop. Our company, to meet the individual requirements of customers, also offers the possibility of burning a logo on the surface of the board.