Restaurant table, beech, 120x80x4 cm

811,80 947,10  z VAT

The table is made of solid oak with 120x80x4 cm countertop dimensions. The table top is covered with hard transparent varnish, which ensures quite high resistance to mechanical damage, scratches. The top is completely stain and waterproof. The table base is powder painted. The whole table is very stable, the base itself weighs about 15 kg. Depending on the size and type of wood, the worktop weighs between 15-25 kg. To fully meet your requirements, we enable you to choose the right base: square, round or quadruped. The top can be tinted by covering it with any stain from the color palette.

– square beech table top measuring 120x80x4 cm,
– top covered with hard clear varnish,
– table weight about 30-45 kg,
– steel base, powder coated.

Weight 1 kg


A large restaurant table

Increasingly, the owners of restaurants, cafes and bars are deciding to buy single-base tables for a reason. By choosing a large restaurant table, you can optically enlarge the space and give the interior an original and aesthetic character. It does not resemble the classic rectangular tables we have got used to. It is an interesting and practical element in the equipment of gastronomic premises.

restaurant table

Oak large table for restaurants – advantages.

A large wooden restaurant table for a single-base restaurant is an interesting and elegant element of arrangement. Ideally suited to restaurants and cafes where individual customers or individuals in small groups of up to 4 people come. Most often, people will not sit down at a busy table, although there is a lot of space. Rather, they prefer to choose free tables where they can eat their meal in peace. For this reason, the lack of free tables may discourage them from staying in the premises. A good solution in this case is to buy tables on one leg. It is important especially in cafes, where customers go to drink morning coffee or in snack bars, where we gladly visit them, e.g. during the breakfast break.

The advantage of such wooden restaurant tables is also that they give comfort of sitting. They do not restrict movement, and the guests sitting at dinner have a lot of leg room. You can easily slide chairs under them. Tables with one leg can have a round or square top, and their leg is relatively slender and most often matches the top. A single leg optically increases the space in the interior of the restaurant, which matches the industrial style. The usefulness of such tables is also worth emphasizing. Their top can be easily and smoothly unfolded, while the structure remains unwaveringly stable.

A wooden table for a restaurant with a single base is a great solution for premises with a small space. By choosing this type of furniture you can increase the number of free tables and optically enlarge the space.