Banquet chair – different colors

54,00  brutto; 43,90  netto

The banquet chair has upholstery in brown with gold points. This chair has a strong steel frame in the hammer color. The chairs can be stacked, which is useful for transport or cleaning.
It is a modern, comfortable chair on a steel frame covered with strong material. It is designed for people who value comfort and reliability.


  • Conference rooms
  • Theaters
  • Wedding houses
  • Mass events
  • Restaurants
  • Banquet rooms
  • Occasional and other events

Specifications and parameters:

  • Old gold frame, hammer effect more resistant to damage
  • Upholstery in   brown   in gold points.
  • Sponge 35-40 g filled with foam
  • Total height: 94 cm
  • Height to the seat: 48 cm
  • Seat: 40×39 cm
  • Maximum chair width: 44 cm
  • Steel construction (25×25 mm profile)
  • Possibility of stacking due to the special construction and spacers placed on the profile
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