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The oak serving and cutting boards we offer you are natural and ecological, and therefore completely safe in contact with food. First of all, in contrast to the plastic ones, they are natural and there is no risk that the high temperature or incisions on their surface will release dangerous toxins. What's more, oak serving boards have natural bactericidal properties! This means that all bacteria are removed from their surface spontaneously within 24 hours. We are never satisfied with average things and we always expect the highest quality. From the very beginning it was a basic determinant for us.

We make all our oak boards for serving and cutting ourselves. This means that the product you receive has not been produced during mass production, but is the result of an individual process that has already begun at the design level. All our tables are covered with a hard transparent varnish. It provides very high abrasion resistance and is fully flat and waterproof. Every metal element in our tables is powder painted. All this to be able to offer you oak planks for serving and restaurant tables unique.

We always try to meet the client and his requirements. We are eager to undertake new challenges and implement interesting projects. We provide full project support and we will help you choose the best solution to your problem with your knowledge and experience. The combination of passion and diligence, gives you the opportunity to create oak boards for serving and tables for really high-quality restaurants. We attach great importance to the role of detail, but leave the last word to nature. It is she who imposes the texture, and sometimes even the shape of the board or the final shade of the table, which is why big differences in the grain and shade are completely natural and typical for wood.

care and use

All our boards and tables for the restaurant are made of properly selected, dry wood. It should no longer work, break or dry up. However, we must remember that wood as a natural material remains "alive" forever. Depending on the conditions, it may change its structure. However, to use the charming wooden instruments safely and for a long time, you should take care of them properly. After use, the wooden board for serving or cutting must be wiped with a damp cloth or, in the case of larger soils, washed under water with the addition of liquid. Then wipe it and let it dry. Our restaurant tables and all furniture are covered with a hard transparent varnish, so their use is very simple. Just remember to wipe away any wet stain immediately. Wooden furniture can not be located directly next to a heat source, eg a radiator.

The last stage of care of the oak plank is its impregnation. The wooden board should be oiled at least once every quarter. Just pour out and spread on the surface a little linseed oil (or other), leave to absorb and then wipe the excess with a dry cloth. It will also be very good practice to apply a layer of wax paste that gives waterproof properties. All wooden furniture should be cultivated with dedicated cleaning agents.

REMEMBER! After each wash, wipe the board dry. Regluarnie naolwiaj. Never dry the boards at the radiator and, most importantly, never wash the boards in the dishwasher.

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