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Hello! We make stuff out of wood. Check them, love them and take with you.

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Nature still inspire and fascinate us. We love its enigmatic being. Products, which we offer you are 100% nautral and eco-friendly, therefore fully safe in contact with food.

All items are made by hand. It means that the product you receive has not been produced during mass production, but it’s the result of an individual process, which began at the level of design. All this to be able to offer you something unique...

Combining passion with care gives you the ability to create things of really high quality. We attach great importance to the role of detail, but we leave the last word to the nature. It imposes a texture, and sometimes even the shape of the product.


our boards from the kitchen

Never satisfied with avarage things and always expect the highest quality. From the very beginning it was for us a basic determinant. This is why the vast majority of our accessories are made of oak wood, which is hard and solid, and properly nurtured can be used in the kitchen for many years..

Wooden kitchen accessories are completely safe in contact with food. First of all, as opposed to plastic ones they are natural and not risk that the high temperature of the mixture or incisions on the surface will result in the release of hazardous toxins. Moreover, the wood has natural antibacterial properties! This means, that all bacteria are removed spontaneously throughout the day.

But for a safe and long use of the charming wooden instruments, you should take care of them properly. After use, the board should be wiped with a damp cloth or, if it is very dirty, wash under water with the addition of liquid, and then wipe and allow to dry. On the other hand, to get rid of stains from messy sauces or unpleasant smell, the board must be disinfected. To do this, sprinkle it with salt and drizzle with lemon juice, then leave for a few minutes.

we are in restaurants!

You are the manager or owner of the restaurant?
Would you like to follow trends and serve meals in an unconventional way?
Write to us!
We carry out projects, both customers and help in creating practical and original designs.
At your request, we burn the restaurant logo at the board that ensures the uniqueness!

The price of serving boards for larger orders depends on:
number of pieces
kind of wood
size of board

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