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Comfortable industrial chair and cheap for restaurants.

How to choose a comfortable chair for a restaurant, cafe, home or dining room?

Regardless of whether a comfortable chair is intended for a restaurant or home, it is important that it provides comfort and looks good in the interior. What criteria should be used to buy a comfortable chair? There are many types of chairs: metal, wooden, upholstered, metal, rattan, rattan, or office. Each of them has different properties and gives different seating comfort. Find out what type of chair gives you the most comfort and how to choose the size and shape of the seats.

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Sushi bridge – which one to choose? What to look for?

Sushi bridge – what should you choose? What to look for when buying?

Sushi is increasingly appearing on the gastronomic offer. Poles have been delighted with the taste of Japanese dish and are eager to eat this delicacy. To properly serve sushi, use the specially adapted sushi serving bridge. Sushi bridge will allow you to arrange your dish conveniently. Thanks to the large amount of space on the surface, it also looks great as an addition to the interior design of the premises. Manufacturers offer a variety of sushi boats in terms of form, material and size. When buying, pay attention to several important factors that determine the quality of the sushi bridge.

mostek do sushi

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Menu board, clipboard – which one to choose?

Which clipboard, menu board to choose?  

The menu board/clipboard is a great alternative to the classic menu card. Not only do they look great and give the menu a unique character, but also are extremely practical. Increasingly, clipboards appear in various types of restaurants, bars and eateries because of the many advantages they have to offer. Find out what to consider when buying a wooden placemat under the menu to choose a high-quality product that will serve you for many years.

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Industrial restaurant equipment – and cafes

Industrial restaurant equipment

The interior design of the restaurant or cafe should be original and encourage customers to spend time in the premises. It is industrial restaurant equipment that allows you to get an effective, elegant style. This style is associated with unrestricted freedom and great freedom in the development of space. However, it has characteristic features that set it apart from other types of interior design. Our company Wooden Stuff deals with the production of industrial equipment in gastronomic establishments, such as bar shelving, metal shelves, hanging shelving and many others.

Regał barowy - WoodenStuff

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Solid wooden serving board with dip bowls

How to choose wooden serving board with dip bowls

Manufacturers of kitchen accessories offer a variety of wooden board with dip bowls. When buying wooden boards, there are a few important things to consider that will make your product look great and last. Such factors as the type of material from which the board is made, dimensions and shape, as well as additional elements make up the whole board for the sauce. To choose well, it is worth analyzing all these parameters. We advise on how to choose a professional bowl board that suits your needs.

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How to choose serving board for burgers and steak?

How to choose serving board for steak or burger?

A kitchen serving board is equipment that is found in the interior of any kitchen or restaurant. Classic wooden boards are one of the most popular variants due to a number of advantages, durability and convenience of use. However, not every chopping board is created equal, and manufacturers on the market offer a variety of products. For this reason, to choose a good quality kitchen board, you should pay attention not only to your individual preferences. Very important are factors affecting the long-term use of the product. So what steak board to choose?

classic serving board

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Wooden restaurant table – what size, thickness, table top?

Wooden restaurant table – how to choose?

Every investor and entrepreneur professionally involved in the field of gastronomy wants the decor of his premises to be presented at the highest level. However, many novice restaurant owners make a whole series of cardinal mistakes in completing the necessary furniture. They often save on materials and decorative elements, which then turns against them. It is not easy to buy a cheap set of restaurant tables that will need to be replaced after a year. The real feat is investing in restaurant table at an affordable price, and at the same time an interesting design. You can easily find such tables in our offer! As a reputable manufacturer of wooden restaurant table, we pay close attention to details. Thanks to this, our tables are so easily recognized in all types of catering facilities. You can spend nice, social moments with them among delicious food and fantastic people.

restaurant table size

Materials and layers for the tables

When it comes to production processes and material solutions – we focus on diversity. Custom-made tables can be made of stone, plywood, MDF and the highest quality, various types of wood. You can find them in our standard offer. Cover layers are extremely important for the overall appearance of the furniture. They give a specific gloss and protective layer to the table top. Beech tables, without stain, have a lighter color than tables made of oak. We can give the tables any shade from the available color palette – we use wood stains for this purpose.

restaurant table colour

Characteristics of our tables.

– all wooden tables on offer, as the last layer, were covered with hard colorless varnish – also used in floor coating processes in sports and factory halls, it is highly resistant to water and scratches,

– some of the tables can be oiled , then it is recommended to use additional impregnation processes if you want use them in gastronomy – otherwise dirt resistance will be less and less every day,

– despite the fact that none of the types of wooden layer coverings provides 100% protection against high temperatures, technical solutions in terms of durability put our restaurant tables and tables on an extremely high position in the most proven ranking

 beech tables

Wooden restaurant table – thickness selection

We often come across questions about what thickness of a wooden restaurant table will be most appropriate. A lot depends on the size of the furniture. We can recommend specific tables for cafes with a small interior. The Inn has loft tables for slightly extended spaces, as well as industrial tables for large canteens and places where different employee groups feed on a daily basis. Mainly based on two technical solutions regarding the selection of the right table thickness:

60×60 cm table should be 3 cm thick, higher parameters can make furniture they seem too massive – unless we are talking about interiors whose decorations are thoughtfully “heavy” and “strong”, then you can increase the thickness of the table up to 4 cm

– table 80×80 cm and more should be 3-4 cm thick, it is enlarged optically, thus attracting the attention of guests

wooden restaurant table thickness

Restaurant table – size guide.

We are a manufacturer of tables for restaurants with a high sense of aesthetics. That is why we try to effectively act in the field of furniture consulting, constantly expanding our product offer. From among our proposals, restaurateurs most often choose wooden tables with dimensions: 60×60 cm, 70×70 cm 80×80 cm and 120×80 cm.

On special request, we are also able to make tables of any size, e.g. 60×70 cm, 60×80 cm, 70×80 cm or 120×60 cm.

The best wooden retsaurant table for 4 is 80×80 cm. If the object of your search are discreet tables for cafes, we recommend using the 60×60 cm option. Such tables are simply created for meetings of couples and quick trips to tasty coffee. 120×80 cm tables can fit up to 6 people. These are great solutions for places where family parties or weddings. Even rehearsals or jubilee celebrations are often organized, which are attended by large groups of invited guests. Our solid wood tables delight with their structure and sunny colors. With their use, even the most modestly decorated restaurant will acquire discreet elegance.

 oak table

What are the best restaurant table bases?

We have developed several steel table bases. Thanks to this, the countertops are stable in every situation. You can feel completely safe at any time spent at the table. We used single legs and pedestals in 80×80 cm tables. Discrete restaurant tables on one metal base can have bases of various shapes. We can create a round or square base, or invest in a quadruple iron casting. Impressive tables on a pedestal combine design traditions with solutions of modern industrial technologies. The pedestals for these tables are painted with the powder method in the selected color from the RAL palette. Powder painting technique allows elements covered with color to maintain the longest possible durability. The color coating is much more durable than layers developed using traditional painting techniques.

For larger tables, we use the industrial base in the form of two legs. The profile of which the legs are made is 80×30 mm. Leg spacing at the tables is not imposed from above. As standard, we install the legs 5 cm from the edge of the table.

Table - WoodenStuff

Wooden table top – oak, beech.

Restaurant tables from our offer can easily be combined into any chosen layouts. Straight and parallel, into a horseshoe or more unconventional – such solutions are not a problem. From two tables 60×60 cm easily create one larger – 120×60 cm.

 Table - WoodenStuff

We hope that all owners and designers of gastronomic establishments, looking for confirmation of the highest technical quality, will in practice convince our tables and make friends with them for many years. They are certainly worth trusting, which pays off over the years!

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How to clean a wooden board? We will show you!

How to clean a wooden board

Serving boards can be made of various materials. Depending on what they are made of, they present an appropriate level of strength and aesthetics. As a rule, glass and plastic boards are cared for relatively easily, but they are not very elegant and cuts on plastic boards can give off unhealthy toxins. They are resistant to all temperatures, they can be washed in dishwashers, there are no traces of various types of food. In the case of wooden boards, the matter is a bit more complicated. In practice, wood is much more delicate material than plastic and glass. It requires a proper, caring approach and care so that it can enjoy us with its natural beauty for a long time. In this article we will show you, how to clean a wooden board. 

cleaning the wooden board

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