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Solid wooden serving board with dip bowls

How to choose wooden serving board with dip bowls

Manufacturers of kitchen accessories offer a variety of wooden board with dip bowls. When buying wooden boards, there are a few important things to consider that will make your product look great and last. Such factors as the type of material from which the board is made, dimensions and shape, as well as additional elements make up the whole board for the sauce. To choose well, it is worth analyzing all these parameters. We advise on how to choose a professional bowl board that suits your needs.

serving board with dip bowls

What material should the boards for the sauce bowls be made of?

The most important issue for people who want to buy a durable and solid sauce for sauce is the material of manufacture. The most popular are boards made of wood, bamboo and stone. They are the most durable, and also look good on the table. Regardless of what our decision will be, every option is good. Wooden boards with dip bowls have a classic, universal look that matches various types of interior design. In contrast, those made of stone are original and attract attention. They add character to the room, so they are not only a practical saucer base for sauces, but also an interesting arrangement addition to gastronomic establishments. We often confuse bamboo boards with wooden boards, but they come from pressed bamboo leaves. Is it a wooden, bamboo or stone board,   each of them has its pros and cons that should be considered.

Wooden boards for sauce serving

By far the most popular are the wooden boards for the sauce bowls. Such board with dip bowls is used by the owners in various catering establishments. There is a reason. They have a number of advantages, making them very practical, ergonomic and comfortable to use. It is worth noting that they are durable, solid, and at the same time lighter and handy than stone boards. They have natural bactericidal properties (but remember to regularly care for them), as well as the ability to naturally scratch scratches. There are many more practical benefits for which you should choose a wooden saucer board. Of course, this wooden kitchen accessory is not without flaws. We present a clear list of the advantages and disadvantages of wooden boards so that you can choose the right board option for you.

board with bowls

Advantages of wooden boards with dip bowls

  • Their great advantage is that they exhibit natural bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties. In particular, it relates to wood with a lot of tannins, for example oak. However, it is important to wash and dry the boards thoroughly after use so that they are hygienic and that bacteria do not settle on them.
  • Depending on what species the saucer board is made of, they have different durability. The hardest are oak and beech boards.
  • Wooden boards have the natural ability to seal scratches from knife blades.
  • It is characterized by high resistance to high temperatures.
  • It is comfortable to use and easy to carry.
  • Looks very good in gastronomic establishments – classic and aesthetic; the appearance of the wooden board fits into any type of interior;
  • It’s solid wooden board;
  • You can’t chip or break it like a stone or ceramic sauce board;
  • Easily accessible.
  • Possibility to burn restaurant logos.

Disadvantages of wooden boards

  • It cannot be washed in the dishwasher;
  • Demanding in care;
  • Absorbs smells and can discolor;
  • Moisture, if the oil on the surface of the board is washed away, can get into the board structure, causing bacteria to multiply;
  • A poor-quality wooden board may stain from sauces or dips;
  • They are not waterproof when the wood structure is disturbed.

What kind of wood should I buy a board for dips?

When you decide to buy a wooden board for sauces, you need to consider in particular the quality of the wood. Each type of wood has a different durability, and the larger it is, the harder and durable the board is. The most durable boards for the sauce bowls include those made of beech or oak. Ash, pear, cherry or share boards also have very good durability. We do not recommend boards made of aspen, poplar, willow, spruce or fir, because they have a soft structure and are therefore susceptible to the action of blades and dents. Each wood gives the board different aesthetic properties. Beech or oak boards with intense color look very good.

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Stone board for sauce bowls

It is worth paying attention to the original design of the stone boards for the sauce bowls. They add character to the interior and also have a number of advantages. They can be made of marble or granite, which are very durable and solid material, so you have a guarantee that the accessory will last for years.

Advantages of a stone board with dip bowls

  • Resistant to scratches, discoloration and dents;
  • Does not absorb odors and is waterproof;
  • It’s very easy to keep clean;
  • Has bactericidal properties and is resistant to mold. It is very hygienic and sterile;
  • Granite or marble board looks great. Available in many colors of stone. It fits perfectly to interiors in the Scandinavian style.

Disadvantages of a stone board

  • It’s heavy and uncomfortable to carry;
  • Blunts knives, which cannot be said for a wooden board;
  • Sauces may slide on the surface of a stone board;
  • Susceptible to chipping.

What shape of board with dip bowls should I choose?

Longitudinal sauce boards work very well because they take up little space on the table. A good solution would be to buy wooden or bamboo boards. It will be an original addition to the interior of the restaurant. At the same time will give it a unique character. Small round boards for the sauce will be a good choice. Those with an oblong shape will be more beneficial because they take up less space and are more convenient to carry.

Interesting additions in the boards for the sauce bowls

Manufacturers use various, interesting solutions in offered boards for sauce bowls. They facilitate moving the board and also make it more practical and ergonomic. It is worth paying attention to the presence of additional elements in the sauce boards.

Planks for sauce with handle

An interesting and very practical solution used in sauce boards is a comfortable handle. It makes the board more practical and ergonomic. It makes it easier for the waiter to transfer sauces and dips to the table.

 boards for cups

Board with dip bowls

Dip board should be as comfortable and practical as possible. That is why producers often make special place in sauces for serving sauces or sauce bowls. Such boards are also ideal for beer mugs! This prevents the uncontrolled movement of the sauce containers or mugs, depriving the waiter of the risk of the sauces falling out of the board. Sauces boards with three or two places for bowls are the optimal solution. You must remember that the cups are adjusted to the size of the grooved spots on the surface of the wood and that they lie stably on it. We have these cups on offer and you can see them HERE.

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