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How to choose serving board for burgers and steak?

How to choose serving board for steak or burger?

A kitchen serving board is equipment that is found in the interior of any kitchen or restaurant. Classic wooden boards are one of the most popular variants due to a number of advantages, durability and convenience of use. However, not every chopping board is created equal, and manufacturers on the market offer a variety of products. For this reason, to choose a good quality kitchen board, you should pay attention not only to your individual preferences. Very important are factors affecting the long-term use of the product. So what steak board to choose?

classic serving board

Classic chopping board – is it worth it?

Classic boards are made of wood and they most often appear in home and restaurants. They are durable, easily accessible, have a classic design and convenience of use. What wood are the serving boards made of? There are many options and each wood provides different properties. It can be beech, acacia, oak or pear wood. The most prestigious boards are those made of ebony and coconut. Of course, the classic wooden board has many advantages, which is why it is so popular. However, it also has its drawbacks and will not always work better than a plastic or glass board.

Advantages of wooden boards

  • Boards made of oak have natural anti bactericidal properties. However, remember to care for them properly – wash and wipe dry after each use. Not washing the board can cause it to lose its waterproof properties and become an ideal environment for the development of bacteria.
  • They are very durable – the strength depends on the type of wood.
  • Does not dull knives, unlike glass or stone boards
  • Suitable as a pad for a heated pot, because it is resistant to high temperatures.
  • Has natural properties for sealing cut areas which makes it look aesthetic.
  • Has a classic design – blends well with the interior of the kitchen.
  • Perfect for cutting bread, vegetables and fruit

wooden serving board

Disadvantages of classic wooden serving board

  • Absorbs smells.
  • May discolor.
  • Requires thorough washing and drying.

Buying a serving board – what wood to choose?

The most important consideration when buying a wooden serving board is what kind of wood is it made of? Manufacturers offer a variety of boards made of various materials. Depending on what wood will be used, the feeding board will have different properties. What matters most is hardness. The soft board will quickly break down under sharp knives. Very soft classic boards are made of trees such as aspen, poplar, willow, spruce, fir and limba. However, for those with medium hardness are: elm, walnut, poplar. However, if you are looking for a very durable classic board, we recommend those made of oak, beech, ebony and hornbeam. They are very hard and resistant to dents and scratches.

Depending on the type of wood from which classic boards are made, they have different aesthetic values. A dark ebony board looks very good. An oak plank will look classic.

In addition, attention should be paid to wood impregnation. If you do not know how to oil the wooden cutting board – read this. Wooden serving boards should be impregnated with ecological preparations to protect wood. They increase water resistance and prevent bacterial settling. Edible oils, for example linseed oil, are a good solution.


What are best dimensions of the serving board?

The classic board has a rectangular shape. Dimensions should depend on the purpose of the board. If you are looking for a classic board for a restaurant, it is important that it should be larger in size so that it is easy to maneuver the knife when cutting. A good solution will be the 35 x 45 cm variant. However, for use in restaurants, you can buy a classic board with more compact dimensions, which will not take up too much space on the table. The 25 x 35 cm sizes will give you the greatest convenience – you can buy such serving board HERE and HERE .

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Chopping boards – what to look for?

In addition to material and dimensions, it is important that the classic board has additional solutions that will help you cut products. Practical accessories for boards are often used by manufacturers with the needs of customers in mind.

Classic board with handle

The burger board should be comfortable to use and ergonomic. For this reason, models with a handle work well in the kitchen. They make it easier to carry chopped or moved products without getting your hands dirty. The handle, however, can be cumbersome to store, as an additional element takes up space. In this case, boards with a cut-out hole on the surface will be better. It slightly reduces the space for cutting, but thanks to this solution you can hang a classic board on the handle, which will take up little space.  

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Serving board with a groove for meat sauce from stek or burger

A very good solution used by producers in the classic board is a special groove for the sauce of meat or vegetables and fruit. Thanks to this, the surface on which meat or other watery products are cut will not have water, which can significantly hinder cutting. In addition, it will prevent fluid leaking from the steak board onto the counter or table. It will significantly improve the ergonomics of work and cleanliness in the kitchen. Water that has accumulated in the groove can easily be poured into the sink.

Board with the option of folding

Classic boards with the possibility of folding into a spatula are very popular. This significantly increases the surface of the board. Because we can significantly expand its dimensions, and at the same time by the folding option does not take up much space. A flat chopping board is ideally suited for chopping and when we squeeze its handle, a spatula is formed. It can help us to cover chopped products to a pan, pot or bowl.

Board with knife sharpener

An interesting proposition is a classic board with a knife sharpener. The element placed in the surface of the board allows you to sharpen blunt knives. You don’t need to have a special knife sharpener and worry about looking for it.

Board for burgers, steaks

An element that is useful in classic boards intended for serving dishes such as burgers or steaks is the undercut from the bottom of the board. It does not take additional chopping surface, and makes raising the board easy and convenient. The perfect solution for restaurants and bars.

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How to take care of the serving board?

Due to the fact that classic boards are made of wood, they require proper care. Unfortunately, they cannot be washed in a dishwasher. After each use, thoroughly wash the board under running water and wipe it dry. If a classic board looks heavily worn, it can be renovated by sanding the surface.

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