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How to clean a wooden board? We will show you!

How to clean a wooden board

Serving boards can be made of various materials. Depending on what they are made of, they present an appropriate level of strength and aesthetics. As a rule, glass and plastic boards are cared for relatively easily, but they are not very elegant and cuts on plastic boards can give off unhealthy toxins. They are resistant to all temperatures, they can be washed in dishwashers, there are no traces of various types of food. In the case of wooden boards, the matter is a bit more complicated. In practice, wood is much more delicate material than plastic and glass. It requires a proper, caring approach and care so that it can enjoy us with its natural beauty for a long time. In this article we will show you, how to clean a wooden board. 

cleaning the wooden board

Natural material

Oak and beech boards are the most commonly used type of food serving boards in the catering industry. Their diverse color, shades and hue is the result of using 100% natural material. Thanks to this, our burger boards are completely safe in contact with food. Discoloration and streaks of wood give it a distinctive look compared to the others. Speckles and stripes on oak or beech wood make each product unique – you cannot make two identical copies. All our serving boards are made of properly selected, dry beech and oak wood. It may have a specific smell, which may not suit everyone but without fear – it disappears after a while. Wood should no longer “work”, crack or dry out, especially since it is properly glued. However, to use wooden accessories safely and for a long time, remember to care for them. 

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Care of wooden boards

Every time you finish using the board for cutting and serving your favorite dishes. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth. If it is more dirty, it will be good to wash it under a stream of water with the addition of liquid. Then wipe and set aside to dry completely. We must remember that wet serving boards should not be dried directly at the heat source . This may cause them to crack. Wooden boards are not stain resistant, it is difficult to remove stains from beets, carrots and other vegetables and fruits or spices, which we eat in different forms every day. You can try to disinfect a wooden chopping board by sprinkling with salt and sprinkling with lemon juice. Let the board stand for a few minutes and then wash it lightly with water. In many cases, this method has proved effective.

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Impregnation of wooden boards

This is the last stage of activities related to broadly understood care. It is recommended to oil wooden boards at least once a quarter – but of course as often as possible. The whole process is that we pour a little onto the surface of the board linseed oil and spread it on its surface. We leave the board out of the way so that the wooden surface absorbs the entire layer of preservative material. Excess oil can be easily removed with a dry cloth. Finally, we can apply a thin layer of wax paste. Not only that, thanks to this, the wooden board will strengthen its resistance to contact with water. It will also acquire a characteristic, swarthy gloss. It will make it stand out against the background of boards made of other materials.

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Important tips at the end! 

Too hot and sharp objects are able to permanently damage the delicate structure of wooden surfaces. That is why it is so important to use pads under dishes with hot dishes. They are not only reliable, but also very cheap. Do not place hot frying pans or pots on the serving boards. This may cause burning wood. It is common practice among restaurateurs to separate the board from the burger placed on it through parchment. It is possible to order parchment with a printed restaurant logo, thanks to which the whole still looks quite elegant. Such a procedure can contribute to extending the life of your wooden serving boards. Now yo know, how to clean a wooden board. 

clean a wooden board

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