for pizzas

A very popular way of serving a pizza is to serve it on a wooden board. We can make oak planks for you with or without a handle. It is also possible to choose a slat or appropriate profiling of the edge, which makes it easier to lift it from the table. We also make rectangular planks for Pizza Ala Palla.

with a sauce slot

For serving burgers and serving steaks we recommend the use of oak boards equipped with a special groove, which acts as a gutter for juices and gravy flowing out of meat.

under the dishes

At customer's request, we make wooden boards with space for dishes. Elegant serving of the cutlets, plates or bowls has never been easier!


with shale stone


The shale stone board is an absolute hit! We recommend this type of board especially for steaks, ribs and other "wet" dishes. The slate will protect the board from knife cuts and make it retain its aesthetic appearance for longer.


sushi boards


Professional, wooden ghettos for serving sushi. As one of the few we make on wooden sushi bridges. 100% Polish production.




Basically any type of dish can be served on the board. The closure on the sides of the leather handles allows you to carry and serve even larger and more heavy saucepans and bowls.




Brushing and sunbathing gives the boards a charm and, above all, character. They are best suited to serving "dry" dishes, all kinds of jars, saucepans, plates and alcohol.


for photo sessions


Old, rustic, with visible traces of passing time. Made from over 100 years old wood. They will give a unique atmosphere to every culinary session.




Boards of different dimensions, having an unlimited number of applications. For serving cheeses, cold meats, serving bread, fruit, toasts.

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